by Homeshare UK
last updated on 30 April 2020
The Homeshare UK annual report 2019 shows that Homeshare has grown by a huge 22% this year, with 1000 older and younger people matched together by 22 Homeshare providers. The report is packed with data and stories about people of all ages living together for company, discovering shared interests and meeting housing needs. Homeshare enables […]
by Homeshare UK
last updated on 19 July 2019

Read the latest report on the Homeshare sector

by Homeshare UK
last updated on 12 October 2018

Read the latest State of the Sector report for 2018. The latest statistics, updates, case studies as well as successes and recommendations for the Homeshare Sector.

by Homeshare UK
last updated on 10 July 2018

Research published today by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales and the Big Lottery Fund reveals the positive impact of intergenerational homesharing on reducing loneliness and isolation, improving wellbeing and providing affordable housing.

by ALA (Affordable Living for the Aging)
last updated on 21 March 2018

Affordable Living for the Aging (an American organisation) produced this exploration of; best practice in, challenges to and recommendations for scaling different models of shared housing in 2012.