Homeshare Week 2021

Homeshare is more than just having a helping hand around the house, or a roof over your head. At the heart of each Homeshare arrangement is a supported match, managed by a Homeshare provider who can help iron out any wrinkles and safeguard both sharers and householders.

That’s why, this year for Homeshare Week, we’re focusing on some of the wonderful Homeshare Providers who provide that support and make HomeshareUK what it is.

Read on to find out more about our featured Homeshare providers.

Monday: Homeshare Living

At Homeshare Living we offer a viable and proven solution to two big social problems – the growing issue of loneliness and isolation of the elderly and the struggle for young adults to find affordable housing, make ends meet and save for their future. Having direct experience through our own family members of how mutually beneficial a homeshare can be, we are determined to make this service available to more of the people that need it.  Our service is bespoke, personal and professional and we have extremely high standards when it comes to our matching, vetting, and monitoring services. 


We really do take time and care in finding you the best match because we care most about it being the right one for you. We also continue to provide support for the duration of the homeshare with regular calls and visits too so do expect a lot of contact with us!. 

We currently operate across the whole of London, in particular central London, North and North West London and Hertfordshire and we also provide Homeshare Living services in Manchester and Leeds. Our coverage of the UK is expanding all the time.


Want to know more?

Want to know more?

Tuesday: Novus Homeshare

We currently cover all of London (and surrounding areas) and provide a service tailored to our clients’ needs as we believe every match is unique. We are a registered charity formed by 17 Carers’ Centres in London, all affiliated to the Carers Trust. We aim to help people that need extra support at home and financially, in order to improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to provide a high quality, personalised Homeshare service in London to tackle loneliness and help people from different walks of life to live independently.

Wednesday: Homeshare Oxfordshire

Homeshare Oxfordshire carefully matches older people who are looking for help or companionship at home, with another person who can lend a hand, and needs affordable accommodation.

In return for the accommodation the Sharer gives the Householder up to 10 hours of their time each week as a combination of companionship and practical help.

Each Homeshare match is individual and carefully agreed.  It may include some cooking and light housework, help with computers and technology, maybe some shopping or gardening, spending time together over a meal or cup of tea as well as occasional trips out. The reassuring presence of another person in the house overnight is often an additional benefit for the Householder.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

Thursday: Leeds Homeshare

A way for people who need a bit of extra support to share their home with someone who can help.

Leeds Homeshare is a council scheme that carefully matches two types of people:

  1. householder, who has a spare room and needs a bit of support with daily tasks and chores
  2. homesharer, who can give them 10 hours of support per week in exchange for accommodation at a low cost

Friday: Homeshare Gloucestershire

Homeshare Gloucestershire carefully matches people, oversees the arrangements and provides professional ongoing support.


Homeshare brings together older people who have spare rooms, with people who need affordable accommodation and who are happy to chat and lend a hand. Homeshare can be a great and safe option for someone who misses having other people in their home.

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