Homeshare UK secured a 1.2 million pound grant in 2021 to support the scale up of Homeshare across the UK. As well as our new Franchise model, this money will be used to incubate two large scale programmes across the north of England. Help us shape the future of Homeshare in the North East and North West by filling in our surveys.

There are currently no Homeshare programmes in the North East/North West, however, we are now in a position to develop services within the area. To help us in our work, we carry out initial feasibility studies to establish the main geographical areas of need and the type of support that people require. To help us with this, we create surveys for both older and younger people (and their families), as well as organisations to establish how best to work together and what local challenges that the Homeshare model can assist to overcome.

We are looking for both older and younger groups of people based in either Liverpool or Newcastle who might possibly be interested in finding out more about Homeshare. It’s a great opportunity for those who are concerned about being socially isolated in their own communities, have a spare room in their homes and have the capacity to share their lives and homes (Householder) with someone else who is looking for affordable accommodation in their area (Homesharer).

Links to surveys below:

Liverpool – Potential Householders/Homesharers Liverpool – Organisations


Newcastle – Potential Householders/Homesharers Newcastle – Organisations